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Euro NAVI I: Designing learning programs using movie making methods

International training course

Aim of the training is to equip organizations with digital competences in recording movies. We will get professional knowledge how to create video footage for documentary movies but also how to record attractive material from our projects.

Specific objectives:

  • to understand in what Europe young people want to live,
  • to find a space for civic engagement of young people and co-creating the future of Europe,
  • to discuss the role of youth work as a bridge between young people and decision makers,
  • to train youth workers to design and run engaging educational programs based on making movies, 
  • creating a documentary movie on the topic of the project.

Training course is dedicated to experienced youth workers and trainers who have previous experience in facilitation of non-formal education activates and are working directly with young people in their countries. No technical skills in movie making are required.

The project consist of two trainings that are complementary to one another. During the first one we will learn how to record movies, during the second - how to edit them. The final product, documentary movie will be create during both trainings. Therefore it make sense that all participants join both trainings.


01.10.21 – 09.10.21

Art der Veranstaltung





  • Rabka-Zdrój (Polen)




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SALTO Youth: Euro NAVI I Designing learning programs using movie making methods

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