Arbeitsfelder der Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung

Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft


Visiting arts education projects in cultural and educational institutions in Munich in smaller groups

Please find more information about the overall concept of the City Administration of Munich on Arts and Cultural Education here: Cultural Education for Munich! (PDF download)

Tour I – Die Färberei & Villa Stuck & Freies Musikzentrum

Die Färberei:
The graffiti and cultural office of the Munich-City Youth Council (KJR) has been housed in the building of a former dye-factory since October 1999. It is a designated location for youth culture, including graffiti art-, hip hop- and miscellaneous other events. 

Villa Stuck:
Villa Stuck was designed and constructed as a “Gesamtkunstwerk" by the artist Franz von Stuck (1863–1928) between 1897 and 1915. As one of the most renowned artist's residences from the early 1900s Villa Stuck is an art object in itself as well as the site of a municipal museum with a collection of works by Franz von Stuck, and also houses permanent and temporary international art exhibits.

Freies Musikzentrum:
Freies Musikzentrum (roughly »Independent Center of Musical Arts«) is a private, non-profit association, founded in 1979. It is an alternative place for learning music, dance and music therapy in a human way, appreciating the aesthetic, human and social aspects of art in an equal way. Many of today's ideas of »community music« reflect exactly what we do here since 34 years.


Tour II – Feierwerk & Spiellandschaft Stadt & Palais Pinakothek mit Museumspädagogisches Zentrum (MPZ)

The association Feierwerk supports young art, music and culture in Munich - for already 30 years now. We run 5 venues of different sizes for cultural events of all possible kinds, a youth centre and a radio station which is focusing on training children, teenagers and young adults.

Spiellandschaft Stadt:
Spiellandschaft Stadt (Playing City Territory) is a non-profit association, founded in 1988 and is publicly funded by the local Youth Welfare Office. The association promotes real and virtual playing and activity spaces for children within the municipal Munich area. Its goal: exploring the entire city as a playing area to gain new experiences and to offer a different kind of education. 

Palais Pinakothek mit Museumspädagogisches Zentrum (MPZ):
Art education has its very own home in Munich’s Kunstareal (art quarter). The Palais Pinakothek is a historic building with a lively past. In April 2006 a new concept has been implemented to introduce art to the lives of as many people as possible. Today Palais Pinakothek serves as a space for creativity and uncomplicated access to art. 
Websites:  and  

Tour III – Kinder- und Jugendmuseum & Internationale Jugendbibliothek & Medienzentrum München (MZM)

Kinder- und Jugendmuseum:
The Children and Youth-Museum Munich, situated in the northern part of Munichs central train station shows changing interactive exhibits lightening artistical, cultural, technical, historical and natural phenomenons. Focus lies on the experience with all the senses, exploring, experimenting and learning by doing – primarily addressing children and families.

Internationale Jugendbibliothek:
The International Youth Library is the largest library for international children’s and youth literature in the world. It owns a collection of almost 600,000 books, most of which can be consulted in the study library. Ever since it was founded in 1949 by Jella Lepman, it has been continuously expanded to an internationally recognised centre for the world’s children’s and youth literature. Jella Lepman directed her attention to both children and adults.

Medienzentrum München – MZM:
MZM - The Media Center Munich promotes media literacy among adolescents through active media work and develops media educational concepts. It is a department of the “JFF – the Institute for Media Pedagogy in Research and Practice” in Munich. The JFF has been investigating how younger generations deal with media through research and practical experience since 1949. The following projects will be demonstrated to show our activities:

Tour IV – Münchner Kammerspiele – Theater und Schule München & Kinderforum van de Loo & Kinderzirkus „Trau Dich“

Münchner Kammerspiele und TUSCH München:
The renowned Münchner Kammerspiele, the Theatre of the City of Munich, offers a large variety of programmes for teachers, students and pupils. Elke Bauer, the head of the department for Theaterpädagogik (theatre pegagogy) will present these programmes and their aims to you.
Websites:  and  

Kinderforum van de Loo:
The Children's Forum van de Loo was founded as an initiative of artists and the gallery owner Otto van de Loo in 1970 and realized with the help of dedicated parents. The goal was to counteract the then closed off world of the art scene and outdated art education models and provide a holistic model of aesthetic education combining art with real life.

Kinderzirkus „Trau Dich“:
The International Children's Circus “Dare!” is a community project for German and foreign children and adolescents aged 5 to 16 years living in Munich. About 80-85 children of all cultures, nationalities and different religions have practiced their circus craft there each week since 1984. Participation is free and open to all children. Funding is provided by the association Freundschaft zwischen Ausländern und Deutschen (Friendship between foreigners and Germans).

Tour V – ECHO e.V. & Bayerische Staatsballett mit Tanz und Schule

Echo e.V.:
The association Echo is a non-profit association, founded in 1990. Its mission statement reads as follows: "It is alright to be different". The aim of Echo e.V. is to promote awareness in terms of inclusiveness and to enable arts education in terms of cultural participation for all people. Following this general principle Echo e.V. has been operating for 13 years in the district of Riem, at the largest regional children's and youth cultural establishment called Quax, Centre for Leisure and Cultural Education. The access to all programmes is barrier-free. Echo e.V. uses established methods of cultural education, educational games, experiential learning, and the principles of cultural and political education. 
Websites:  and 

Presentation of Echo e.V. (PDF download)

Bayerisches Staatsballett mit Tanz und Schule:
The Bavarian State Ballet and Dance And School, in collaboration with professional artists, work with 200 school classes from Munich and Bavaria each year. Based on the idea that children and teenagers should experience for themselves what it means to work creatively, this concept helps them partake in artistic processes and productions. This hands-on aesthetic experience will help them explore their world in new and exciting ways.

Tour VI – Deutsches Museum & P.A. Spielkultur

Deutsches Museum:
Founded in 1903 by the engineer Oskar von Miller, the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) in Munich is now one of the most important museums of science and technology worldwide. With a total of 73,000 square metres of exhibition space and an extensive stock of valuable original technical and scientific exhibits, it is not only one of the largest museums in the world, but also one of the most successful, attracting almost 1.4 million visitors a year. For more than 100 years it presents the technical and scientific achievements in an exciting and accessible way, whilst also reflecting the related process of social change.

Pädagogische Aktion/ SPIELkultur:
Pädagogische Aktion/SPIELkultur (Pedagogical Action, Culture of Play) is a non-profit organization which is working in the field of cultural education on behalf of the City of Munich for more than 40 years. Main focus is on arts, play, media, museum and public space: programs and projects in the whole city for children and young people from about 4 – 14 years as well as for families and schools, day-care centres etc.

Tour VII – Gasteig & Stadtbibliothek & Kultur und Spielraum & Stiftung Zuhören

To anyone curious to playfully discover the world of classical music, The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra offers a variety of events. “Spielfeld Klassik“ (Classic Playing Field) is the Philharmonic's educational programme for children, teenagers and adults, school classes and families. This multitude of events is comprised of children's, youth and university concerts as well as projects and workshops which aim to make music come alive and comprehensible.

Münchner Stadtbibliothek:
The library as a cultural platform - With its 1,900 annual events the Munich City Public Library offers a wide range of cultural diversity: from numerous offers for children and teenagers, public readings and slide shows to cabaret performances and concerts. In addition, many neighbourhood public libraries open their doors to regional artists for temporary exhibitions which allow them to present themselves to a larger audience. Bilingual readings and film series also play an essential part in the intercultural understanding for foreigners living in Munich. The children's and youth department of the central Gasteig library also regularly offers lectures, a summer reading program and themed weeks.

Kultur und Spielraum:
Kultur und Spielraum (Culture and space for playing) is a non-governmental, registered, non-profit association and has been active in the domain of arts education for more than 30 years. It initiates learning processes through the arts for children and youth that revolve around their individual capabilities, their immediate environment and broader social questions develops and organizes open spaces for play and action that focus on different themes and accompany specific events insists on the openness of the created learning environment.

Presentation of Mini München (PDF download)

Stiftung Zuhören:
The Listening Foundation is the leading institution for the advancement of listening in Germany. It was founded in 2002 by ARD Television and state institutes as well as the Sennheiser company. Its aim is to advance the importance of listening as a cultural skill. The focus of its work is on projects aimed at advancing the listening and media competence of children and adolescents between three and sixteen. The Foundation’s projects annually reach more than 60.000 children and adolescents directly. The Foundation cooperates with 2.500 schools nationwide.

Presentation of Stiftung Zuhören e.V. (PDF download)


Official Welcome

Words of Welcome by

Siegfried Höfling, Hanns Seidel Foundation

Brecht Demeulenaere, ACEnet

Gerd Taube, Chairman of the board of BKJ (PDF download)

Presentation of the youth group from Gymnasium Ottobrunn, documenting the World Summit 2013

Overview of the World Summit 2013 by Larry O’Farrell, UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning (PDF download)

Keynote by Christian Manhart, UNESCO (PDF download)

Keynote by Dirk van Damme, OECD (PDF download)

OECD publication "Art for Art's sake?" – order form (PDF download)


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