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Cultural Competency Record

Demonstrate young people’s strengths

The Kompetenznachweis Kultur (Cultural Competency Record) is an skills certificate. It is awarded to young people aged twelve and over who actively participate in cultural learning an arts education programs. It is proof of the individual personal, social and methodological competencies they have demonstrated and developed.

The Cultural Competency Record is created together with the young person

The instructor, artist or cultural educator and the young person engage in a time-limited, intensive exchange about individual strengths, learning experiences and the effects of their own artistic activities. As the young people become aware of their abilities and strengths and learn to express them, the entire process strengthens their self-confidence. The Kompetenznachweis Kultur supports young people in their entry into professional life.

It expands their opportunities for self-expression. In job interviews, the proof of competence in culture can be an impulse for a conversation about special skills. In this conversation, the young person credibly reflects what the certificate describes, because he or she was involved in its development.

The Cultural Competency Record means recognition and individual support

The experiences so far document that the increased attention to individual strengths and competencies and the observing and reflecting discussion about them promotes the young people individually.

Professionals gain confidence about the impact of their work

The professional discussion about the educational effects of their own work strengthens the professionals' insight that they are making an important contribution to the education of young people. Being able to “officially” confirm their skills and commitment to the young people is motivating for the professionals.

The Cultural Competency Record proves the positive effects of cultural education work

It offers institutions and associations a good opportunity to present their educational achievements. The Kompetenznachweis Kultur is a response to current challenges in education policy.

You can find out how the Kompetenznachweis Kultur (KNK) is awarded, what kind of training professionals need for it, where they can complete it and much more about the KNK on the Kompetenznachweis Kultur website (German language).

The International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB) has taken the ideas behind the KNK and developed the Nachweise International (Interational Competency Records). These skills certificates are tailored to the international youth exchange.


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The German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (BKJ) is the umbrella organisation for cultural education in Germany.