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Shaping Digital Culture

Youth-centred arts education and cultural learning in the digital society


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Digital spaces open up countless possibilities for children and young people to express themselves and position themselves. At the same time, these spaces are often controlled by algorithms, dominated by commercial interests and used as a platform for radicalisation. Both the potentials and the risks of digitalisation require social responses and pedagogical attention. Creative talents such as setting up, interpreting, telling and questioning a story, creating and interpreting an image, or writing a coherent script, become necessary everyday skills. The BKJ points this out in this position paper and emphasises the central role of cultural education for growing up successfully in the digital society.

In this paper, the BKJ presents its view of the digital transformation and its effects on youth and cultural education in detail and commits itself, among other things, to counteracting the digital divide and social inequality online, to advocating for the strengthening of democratic decision-making and negotiation processes as well as perspectives for action and forms of participation online, and to helping shape the digital transformation of society in a critical and constructive way.

In addition, it formulates recommendations for action for policy-makers, which include the following:

„Cultural education practice must be given the opportunity to develop and try out new, networked and digital-analogue formats with children and young people within and across all genres in a protected environment.“


    Full title

    Shaping Digital Culture. Youth-centred arts education and cultural learning in the digital society


    Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ)


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    Orginal edition

    Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung e. V. (2020): Digitalität gestalten. Jugendgerechte Kulturelle Bildung in der digitalen Gesellschaft. Positionen und Ziele. Positionspapier. Berlin/Remscheid.
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