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What is cultural education?

Who educates whom?

Curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, imagination and creativity are inherent in all of us from the day we are born. Cultural education as self-education does not necessarily rely on guidance.

But self-education does not mean learning on your own. Other people can encourage and support cultural learning. For very young children, the main impetus comes from parents and nursery teachers, and a little later it often comes from siblings and friends. There are also people that are specially trained to create opportunities and spaces for cultural education, e.g. culture and media teachers. Cultural education is also delivered by artists, culture professionals und educators. There is also a large number of volunteers involved in cultural education.

Volunteer work provides indispensable support for the wide range of programmes offered by cultural education, official institutions at regional or national level and the many volunteer-based lay associations that shape cultural life. The BKJ supports voluntary work in the cultural and educational sector.


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The German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (BKJ) is the umbrella organisation for cultural education in Germany.