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What is cultural education?

Definition: cultural education

We speak of cultural education whenever young people engage in forms of cultural expression, playing and arts and express their views and attitudes.

The term also refers to a process of self-education. This happens when we deal with objects or topics in a playful or artistic manner; when we try to understand the world in this way; when we seek and find a position on our own or together with others; when we negotiate with each other and come to an understanding on the stage or when playing; and when we participate in shaping and changing the world.

Cultural education often involves the whole body as well as feelings and the mind. It uses many different forms of cultural expression, such as visual arts, digital media, storytelling, literature, writing, film, photography, music, rhythm, playing, circus, dance or theatre. This variety is important because people are different and not interested in or excited by the same things.

Cultural education programmes have a playful character. It is about doing something that we enjoy, that we are curious about or that fascinates or preoccupies us on voluntary basis and together with others. Cultural education is based on strengths and interests and asks what you can do already and what you would still like to discover or learn.
Cultural education is a part of youth work, cultural work and general education. It helps children and young people develop strong personalities and experience that they can achieve something by themselves.


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The German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (BKJ) is the umbrella organisation for cultural education in Germany.