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Prävention und Kindeswohl

Concept of child protection

Prevention and well-being of children in the field of artistic and cultural education

Sexualised violence does not just happen - perpetrators plan it. Therefore, the protection of children and young people must be planned in order to minimise the risk of sexualised violence in the offers, associations and institutions of cultural education for children and young people.

A protection concept helps everyone in the project, in the association, in the facility or in the association. It orientates, informs and offers security of action. It protects children and adults. It strengthens staff, volunteers and honorary staff. It helps parents to find their way around.

The concept of child protection provided here is therefore to be understood as a suggestion and guideline for providers, institutions and associations who would like to develop a protection concept specifically tailored to their practice, their framework conditions and their structure(s). However, it should not be drawn up by a single person ”on a desk“. On the contrary! As many people as possible should be involved in the development of the protection concept - the management level, staff, volunteers and especially children, young people and parents. The more people are involved, the more will support the result and actively implement it..

For clubs, associations and institutions in the field of cultural education, it is important that the respective protection concept takes into account the particularities and potentials of their respective practice and continues to make them possible - for example, with regard to physicality, contact and relationships as well as the necessary freedom. At the same time, it must offer children and young people reliable protection, safe spaces, reliable contact persons, help and support. It should also aim to strengthen the resistance of children and young people.

A protection concept …

  • identifies moments and situations in the concrete educational work of an institution, association, federation, etc., where special attention needs to be paid.
  • describes how perpetrators act and describes (new) ways of behaving that ensure that obstacles can be put in their way as quickly as possible and that children and young people are safe and protected.
  • explains what to do in cases of suspected or existing sexualised violence (action guideline).
  • it identifies who is the contact person and offers help to actors who want to help a child or young person or who need help themselves.

It is important to look at risks: Which structures or characteristics in the work or institution favour perpetrator strategies? What structural changes need to be made? It is also important to recognise and build on our own strengths: Where are children and young people already well protected and how can protection be improved?

Through self-reflection and awareness-raising, the boundaries to be protected and respected are explored. The process should lead to a common attitude that is communicated publicly. It is recommended that external experts from the field of prevention against sexualised violence accompany the process. Measures to implement a protection concept can include:

  • Training and qualification: Basic knowledge must be imparted to participants at all levels.
  • Strengthen participation: Reduce power imbalances by giving children and young people a say in decision-making.
  • Preventive measures: Make children and young people aware of their own rights and the possibilities for implementing them.
  • Information events: Raise parents' awareness and involve them in prevention.
  • Complaint procedures: Contact persons, additional complaint channels and further handling of information must be known, also outside the association, the organisation, the institution, etc.
  • Cooperation: Commitment to cooperate with external experts in the field of prevention against sexualised violence.

This protection concept is currently specifically dedicated to protection against sexualised violence. In addition, there are other forms of child welfare risks from which children and young people must be protected. These will not be discussed further here, but some of the measures presented are also effective in the case of other violations of a child's well-being. However, when it comes to specific issues of neglect, cyberbullying, domestic violence, etc., further aspects need to be considered. A protection concept and the measures associated with it are not perpetual and need to be reviewed and revised at regular intervals.

The present protection concept includes:

  • the mission statement ”Prevention and Child Welfare“ of the BKJ,
  • explanations and a questionnaire on how to conduct a risk analysis,
  • measures for the prevention of sexualised violence,
  • measures for intervention in cases of suspected or existing sexualised violence,
  • measures for processing and, if necessary, rehabilitation after an incident or suspected incident.
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