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Auf dem Foto sind zwei Jungen zu sehen. Sie lachen. Zusammen bearbeiten sie mit ihren Händen Holz. Im Hintergrund sind weitere Kinder zu sehen, außerdem Regale mit verschiedenen Materialien aus Holz.

All-day education

Children and young people are educated in different places - in their living environment, in school, in extracurricular places. In educational landscapes and through cooperation between cultural and youth work and schools, they are linked together to open up spaces for children and young people in which they can develop their personalities, determine their positions and experience how they can help shape the community. Self-determined educational opportunities are created that respect their rights, offer them fair opportunities and are geared to their interests and needs. Cultural education, with its principles of participation, diversity, subject and strength orientation, offers such educational opportunities.


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The German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning (BKJ) is the umbrella organisation for cultural education in Germany.